Your Questions

You should always try to use the helpdesk where possible as all tickets are logged and we have no deliverability issues. While I will always try to respond via email or other methods it can't be guaranteed. So please help us to help you by using the helpdesk.You may also want to use the Facebook group for general questions, you will find you usually get a response within minutes from a more experienced member.

Absolutely not. Although this course is designed to take 30 days, you are welcome to progress at a faster pace if you wish to.

We understand life can often get in the way and before you know it you have fallen behind, however with this course you can take a break and catch up at a later date, it's all totally up to you. If you do fall behind don't worry, just take over where you left off.

You can use whatever Hosting you want, the only time things may be an issue is if you ever need support. Hostgator has phone support. So if you need support we can get it fast.

They also understand how our business works and understand the importance of our site being online when we launch a product. Most hosts don't.

This is why this site, and almost all of my other sites are hosted with Hostgator.

Hostgator can transfer everything for you free of charge so I would certainly recommend it if you are not under any sort of contract.

Check Out Hostgator's Hosting Packages Here.

I am often asked if an alternative page builder can be used instead of Optimize Press (OP)

Just like Hosting, you can use any page builder you like, but you must bear in mind the following:

The Successful Product Creation members area is built on OP.
My Blog - OP
My bonus pages - OP
My squeeze pages - OP
My sales pages - OP

I could go on but I'm sure you get the picture.

You are free to use any platform you wish, but my training videos show me using OP. If you use something else then I find it hard to give support.

So my advice is to go with OptimizePress. You will never regret it.

No problem, we are here to help. Please submit any additional questions here on our helpdesk.