Thank you for picking up my coaching series. This is a  great way to add a higher priced offer or mid-ticket

product to your business and in one of the hottest niche topics in the business... Product Creation.

This is the coaching series you will be selling your subscribers. It is up to you, how often you deliver the content.

Every day, every other day, once a week, etc... (My recommendation would be to send a PDF daily) Just figure out

your drip method and set the delivery times and days so that your daily reports go out on auto-pilot. Then you

just need to focus on supporting your customer's, when necessary.

Before using the sales letter template, adjust the length and frequency of your pdf's. It is set up for one a day

for 30 days, but you can break them up over 8 weeks for recurring profits or sell higher priced coaching after

this series is completed.

I recommend you sell this for no less than $10-$17 and the OTO video series should be priced between $27-$37.

I will be showing you how to structure your product for more profits. You will find that by raising your price point,

you will attract a more serious class of students. This will make your coaching endeavor much easier.

A word about affiliate links... As you upload your new coaching series, there are several opportunities to include

an affiliate link and increase your profits. Here are the recommended products that are included in the daily pdf's

that you should consider promoting with your affiliate referral links.

Here is a minimal list of affiliate programs to sign up for and include in your emails...


Get Response:


Optimize Press:

FYI... These are my affiliate links and yes if you sign up using any one of them I will receive a commission. You can

be assured however, that this will not affect your price for the product.

Once I decided to raise prices my life immediately became easier since I was dealing with a more experienced buyer

that tends not to ask as many questions and especially, rarely if ever, ask for a refund.

To start selling this series of product creation coaching, you'll need to edit the sales page template to include your

name, length of coaching, price and brand it with a new product name. You may also want to grab a product image

to help make it unique.

I recommend using either Warrior Plus or JVZoo to manage your product and for the ability to get affiliates. You will

want to add this coaching series both as a standalone offer and also one that you can use as an One Time Offer for

your past and future products.

Having a higher priced upsell will attract more affiliates since potential EPC's (Earnings Per Click) are much higher

and there are affiliates that specialize in higher priced offers so promoting as a standalone offer will also help you

get hands off sales.

Onward and Upward!

Tom Miles